Sekyedumase Rural Bank Ltd.

Sekyedumase Rural Bank Ltd was set up to provide leading edge financial services by applying relevant value-adding ICT resources, human capital and other resources to achieve a variety of socio-economic goals.


Excellent Customer Service


We treat our customers as royalty .. that’s why they come back to us


Your Growth is our Business

No matter what your business is, we are the bank of choice if you want to grow. We have successfully done this for other businesses and we can well say that this is one of our specialities. Making your business grow is our business!

Savings Products

We have several savings products deigned to meet your specific requirements. Children education plan, current account and more

Investment Products

We have several investment products to give you competitive returns.  We can also help you design a custom investment plan as well.

Credit Facilities

From personal loans to SME loans, we have several loan products with competitive interest rates. Talk to us today!

Money Transfer

Send and receive money from all branches using Western Union, Moneygram, Samba money, Apex link, mobile money and more.

Now Let's Get Started

Find out more about how we can help your business grow, with excellent investment options and loans. We are just a click away!

Contact Information

Please get in touch for us to do business. You can also visit any of our branches and mobilisation centers and our staff will be willing to assist you.


We have several branches across the country. Please  visit any of our branches nearby and  our staff will be willing to assist you.

Mobilisation Centres

We have several mobilisation centers distributed across the country for your convenience. Click to find the nearest center to you.

Become a Shareholder

Become part of the future of this wonderful bank by buying shares. Buying and managing your shares is very easy. Click to find more