• Efficient deposit mobilization
  • Efficient Credit Management
  • Continuous Human Resource Development
  • Effective Customer Service Management
  • Efficient Capital Management and Maintenance of Shares
  • Efficient Shareholder/Customer relations Management
  •  Massive Improvement in Profitability
  •  Increase presence in the financial market space
  • Expand on current Social Responsibility


The core values that will propel the achievement of the above within the estimated
time frame (2017 – 2021) are:

  • Honesty, Integrity, Faithful and Fair representation of facts and events
  • Effectiveness in Customer Care leads to Satisfaction
  • Efficiency in Management of Shareholders and Shareholders’ funds leads to loyalty and sustainability of Goals.
  • Well-motivated staff results in the generation of innovative ideas for
    effective fund mobilization and fund management.
  • Efficiency in Staff management increases staff motivation, profitability and reduces misconducts and fraud among staff.
  • The deployment of appropriate ICT and appropriate staff fosters the
    advancement of innovations.

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