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  • Loans shall be granted to salaried workers where the employees collect their salaries through the bank
  • Loans shall be granted to employees who has been in operation with the bank for not less than three months
  • Loans granted shall be repaid on monthly-instalment basis
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Loans shall be disbursed not more than seven working days


  • Our doors are opened to SME, cooperate bodies and individuals for overdraft and other loan facilities
  • Applicants are to operate active accounts for the period not less than 3 months to be eligible
  • Applicants shall provide at least two salary workers or exisiting customers of the bank with good standing as guarantors
  • Non-customers of the bank with good standing can be presented as guarantors
  • Applicants shall provide a percentage of an amount requested as cash lien to be part of the security
  • Loan repayments shall be on daily/monthly instalment basis or regular cash lodgement 


  • This loan shall be given tto farmers who are in cash crop and other farming activities
  • Loan shall be given to farmers who are in the same catchment area/community in which we operate
  • Loan must be repaid within a year
  • A salaried worker or customer shall guarantee the loan


  • These loan facilities are to assist individuals or families to perform their Weddings / Engagements / Funerals etc
  • Applicants must have an active account with the bank
  • Applicants must be a loyal customer to the bank
  • A competitive commission shall be charged
  • Repayment must be made within two weeks of reception 


  • This is a loan facility for an applicant who does not collect his/her salary through the bank but is paid by the Controller & Accountant General
  • Loans granted shall be repaidd on monthly-instalment basis
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Loans shall be disbursed in less than two working days
  • Applicants shall submit three most current payslips
  • Applicants shall provide two current passport pictures
  • Applicants shall provide a valid national ID card
  • No cash lien for this loan

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Sekyedumase Rural Bank Limited was incorporated on 14th February 1980 and was certified to commerce business on 5th march 1980. On the 12th of September 1980, the company was licensed by bank of Ghana under the banking act 1970 (act 339) to operate as a rural bank.

The bank started operation in predominantly farming community which had 97% of the people with less than GHS100 average income per head per year. The remaining 3% were mostly workers from Ghana education service and Ghana health service.

Before the establishment of the bank, the inhabitants had to commute along a deplorable distance of between 40km  and 57km amidst robbery to access banking facilities. The establishment of the bank was therefore a relief to the people of Sekyedumase and its environs.

Since the establishment of the bank, it has contributed immensely to the improvement of education, health, commerce, security, agriculture, electrification and employment to mention but few in the bank's catchment area.