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  • It is a fixed deposit investement
  • The amount to invest starts from 100.00GHC and above.
  • For a period of 3 months intervals
  • There shall be no withdrawal until the maturity date is due
  • Customer can withdraw bith the principal and the interest or take the interest and roll over the principal or both on maturity
  • Special SRB FD investment certificate will be issued
  • Customer must issue a week’s notice prior to termination and in such a case there shall not be a roll over



The core values that will propel the achievement of the above within the estimated
time frame (2017 – 2021) are:

  • Daily contribution of any amount from 1GHC and above
  • Withdrawal can be made at anytime
  • This account does not qualify for a loan


  • Daily Deposit of any amount 
  • There shall be no withdrawal for the three months period
  • The account can be used to access loan after the three months period
  • Subscription to SMS alert service (optional)
  • Failure to contribute daily disqualifies one for a loan

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Sekyedumase Rural Bank Limited was incorporated on 14th February 1980 and was certified to commerce business on 5th march 1980. On the 12th of September 1980, the company was licensed by bank of Ghana under the banking act 1970 (act 339) to operate as a rural bank.

The bank started operation in predominantly farming community which had 97% of the people with less than GHS100 average income per head per year. The remaining 3% were mostly workers from Ghana education service and Ghana health service.

Before the establishment of the bank, the inhabitants had to commute along a deplorable distance of between 40km  and 57km amidst robbery to access banking facilities. The establishment of the bank was therefore a relief to the people of Sekyedumase and its environs.

Since the establishment of the bank, it has contributed immensely to the improvement of education, health, commerce, security, agriculture, electrification and employment to mention but few in the bank's catchment area.